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Blow Molding for Agriculture

Blow-molding-agriculture-combineBlow Molded parts for large and small Agriculture equipment. From combines to small nozzles on sprayers. Blow molding for agricultural products can keep us pretty busy. We look forward to expanding that segment of our business.

PLA plastics industry contract manufacturer since 1952, delivers agriculture custom molded products with desired design specifications.

We produce custom blow molded finished products and parts for direct shipment to retail distribution chains or to our valued customer’s warehouses. SPI produces standard and custom products for various industries including structural panels, large holding tanks, under hood air ducts, various containers, spoilers, bumpers, and soft plenum/bellows applications.

SPI’s Blow Molding specialty relies on our in-house expertise. In most cases we can meet any of your custom blow molding needs using a variety of plastic resins including ABS, nylon, polycarbonate, and PVC, to name a few.

SPI Blow Molding Supplies Desired Design Specifications Where Others Have Struggled:

Munters,  an air ventilation company located in Michigan, contacted SPI to manufacture doors and door frames used for livestock barns while maintaining their shape and correcting former warping issues.

Senninger Irrigation, Orlando FL. needed a five pound mag shell to hold a sprinkler head in position during use. SPI supplied the part while holding the dimensional tolerances, staying within the desired weight range and maintained a good parting line (where material comes together).


Chore Time, Milford, IN, a worldwide poultry equipment supplier, saw its production of feed boxes for hog feeders, pens and silos was not meeting its demand. SPI Blow Molding not only provided all the parts for the box, but within two weeks of the call, started production and helped Chore Time go from significantly behind to on time delivery. This was an example of moving tools already in existence.


SPI Blow Molding not only provided Senninger Irrigation with desired design specifications but was also able to offer a cost effective approach despite being in Michigan, over a 1,000 miles away.

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