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Blow Molding for Appliance

blow molding for appliances photo of wine refridgeratorAs an appliance parts contract blow molding manufacturer, SPI has the experience to meet customer’s needs with desired design specifications, timeliness and cost effectiveness.

At SPI our blow molding for appliance parts experience includes appliance ducts, washing machine distributor shields, ice machine doors, drain pans, and separators for refrigerator and freezers in small refrigerator units.

While meeting the needs of current customers like Manitowoc and AGA Marvel with quality, SPI continues to seek out reviving partnerships with appliance manufacturing moguls Whirlpool, Kenmore and Frigidaire.

Manitowoc has five plant locations in Wisconsin, Kentucky, Indiana and Tennessee. It entered a partnership with SPI in 2010 to make doors for its commercial ice makers used in hotels and restaurants.

SPI also supplies the drain pans for pop machines units in 7-11 stores used in conjuction with Slurpee® equipment. SPI met the customers custom request and manufactures the pan using an engineered (ABS). The majority of our competitors weren’t interested in creating a custom solution, SPI Blow Molding loves a challenge and has been providing the blow molded parts to 7-11 since.

Knee Pad (Military), Donut (part), Weight Irrigation -- Farming\Ducts -- Appliance

Knee Pad (Military), Donut (part), Weight Irrigation — Farming\Ducts — Appliance

AGA Marvel, located northeast of Coloma, Michigan, sought out SPI Blow Molding through a material supplier referral. SPI Blow Molding now manufactures its refrigerator and freezer dividers for high end small units used in press boxes and hotel suites.

Do you need custom blow molding for appliance parts? Are you an appliance manufacturer who is asking where you can find a reliable company that supplies blow molding for the appliance industry?  Here we are, give us a call or complete the online form and we will do the rest.