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Blow Molded Furniture Parts

Stadium-Seating Blow Molding for Furniture IndustryBlow molded furniture parts are in high demand. From seating to tables, including interior and outdoor furniture, a variety of blow molded furniture parts are included in nearly all furniture components.

When SPI Blow Molding was contracted to do work for a company whose office furniture is designed to improve their customers’ environment at home, in the office, at school, or the world at large, it was imperative SPI Blow Molding have the people and resources that makes their products and work stand tall.

SPI Blow Molding is manufacturing ballast (weight for desk) for a Herman Miller office/desk configuration. The ballast is used to stabilize the portion of the system which holds the computer monitor in the stand. The design of the ballast allows the monitor to move around the outer wall of the desk.

Arm Rest

Arm Rest

This new system was in the design phase for two years. Their initial production required three-four ballasts per unit which began in August.

SPI also produces a Herman Miller cover for an arm rest made from a TPE, thermal plastic elastimer, which is tactile like rubber.