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Welcome to SPI Industries

SPI’s mission is to provide the best custom molding experience for the injection and blow molded requirements of our valued customers. This experience involves dedicated support culminating in successful product delivery globally. Our core software, mechanical and human technologies insure future profitability and growth. Our commitment to our customers, community and employees is embodied in our value statement and quality policy.

Quality ControlSPI INDUSTRIES has been a custom injection molder since 1952. Born from the fertile mind of one of the Midwest’s premier toolmakers, SPI quickly became an innovator to the fledgling plastics industry. That same innovative spirit exists today. You will find our injection and blow molding presence on a wide range of parts. Our injection molding division delivers to such diverse industries as Freight Securement, Emergency Vehicles, Safety, Agricultural, Musical Instrument Cases, Electronic (Thin-Wall) components, Plumbing/Fluid handling and Hand Tools. Our blow molding division delivers To customer in the Office equipment, Medical device, construction, transportation, Food handling/storing, Fluid handling.

SPI Industries is an industry leading custom molder known for our customer oriented ability to deliver production solutions and product quality; driven by a relentless pursuit of continuous improvement.

QualityControl-2We have successfully evolved from strictly molding into a Proactive Solutions provider of Fully integrated Contract Manufacturing for our customers’ injection and blow molding needs. Our rich history as a custom molder has provided extensive experience handling the basic Nylons, ABS, PP, PE and specialized engineered resins including various grades of Thermoplastic Rubber. While our technical molding capability and press sizes are continually changing to keep pace with the needs of our customers, we have expanded into Proactive Solutions for our customers such as part Design Feasibilities, Prototyping services, various Short Term and Long Term Take-over Tooling methods along with complete Third Party Logistics handling of your specialty products shipped to distribution chains globally.

SPI Industries is your one stop shop for complete specialty contract injection and blow molding services.

SPI Industries values are based on integrity and reflected in the Long Term relationships with our customers. SPI is simply the collective personality of every employee that works here. We are all empowered to work as a team. We can and will always get better, recognizing the ever changing needs of our customers. It is our job, it is our responsibility and most importantly it is the right thing to do.