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SPI Blow Molding, LLC Continues to Improve Productivity with Purchase of New Blow Molding Machine

spi new blow molding machine

The AH 550-100 Blow Molding Machine placed in production at SPI Blow Molding’s Coloma, Michigan plant is manufactured by Pet All Manufacturing Inc. The machine has a 20 lb. shot size with a part takeout and will be used to produce various industrial parts suitable for blow molding.

Blow Molding Machine Component Main Features:

  • The mold head is designed for high-quality parison and quick color changes.
  • The extrusion system uses a completely new machine-barrel screw design with a high level of adaptability to a wide range of raw materials.
  • Energy efficient for low energy consumption.
  • The mold-closing unit is a double-pull-rod structure, providing a large space to access the mold, facilitating easier and quicker setups.
  • The control system that integrates the PLC control with the servo control of the parison wall thickness is compact and has excellent reliability.
  • The part take-out provides improved consistency, faster cycle times and overall better productivity.
  • This new blow molding machine from Pet All Mfg will help SPI Blow Molding to increase production volume, increase part quality, reduce cycle and deliver overall better efficiency and productivity.

About SPI Blow Molding LLC. SPI Blow Molding is a custom blow molding company located in the southwestern Michigan town of Coloma. We boast a deep understanding of the blow molding process and possess a unique ability to blow mold a wide range of materials and part sizes. We manufacture our proprietary line of bulk food gravity dispensers under the Best Bins name. (www.bestbins.com.) Other industries served include agriculture, automotive accessories, furniture manufacturing, medical, RV, and safety equipment. SPI Blow Molding is committed to improving equipment and capabilities in support of their belief that every customer deserves Quality Parts, on Time and a Fair Price.

Pet All Manufacturing Inc. offers a full range of blow molding equipment of very high quality to the Americas and Europe. Our blow molding machines are conceived and engineered in North America by experienced engineers, then integrated at our 2 North American locations (Markham, Ontario and Paynesville, MN) to offer the best return on investment in the plastics bottle molding machine industries in the USA.