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About SPI Injection Molding and Blow Molding

Dear Valued Customer,

SPI Injection Molding and SPI Blow Molding continue to grow and expand our services and innovative strengths. From blow molding with a large variety of polycarbonate colors as well as color and clear polycarbonate injection molding our capabilities continue to offer customers many solutions. We invite you to review the content on this website and return often for regular updates. Although we are working hard to serve more customers and expand the SPI brand, we are excited to reconfirm our customer oriented focus, which is our top priority – YOU, the customer:

We are focused on…

  • Proactive Solutions to challenges – adapting to your demands.
  • Delivering value added design, testing and building capabilities.
  • Operational strengths in thin-wall/micro molding, insert molding, and various secondary procedures.
  • Driving efficient third party logistics systems allowing you to focus on your business.
  • Maintaining sound cost models which extend competitive pricing.
  • Providing SPI’s benefits of a smaller, more personable company.

SPI Blow Molding and SPI Injection Molding work together to serve our customers and often share common customers and projects. Each SPI company offers specific services to develop your plastic products and plastic components. The following information highlights our specific specialties to help determine which SPI company will serve your needs best.

clear-polycarbonate-blow-molding for food industry - water containerSPI Blow Molding is a Custom Blow Molder of hollow plastic parts.  We are an extrusion blow molder specializing in low to medium volume work, requiring a fairly large array of materials.  Our customer list includes major manufacturers such as GE Healthcare, making arms for MRI Beds, down to the small single product entrepreneur such as Best Bins, making bulk food dispensers.  We process basic Polypropylenes and Ethylene’s to more difficult clear polycarbonates.  

SPI Blow Molding has molding size capacity from a single pound head through 40 lb head machines.  SPI is capable of assisting customers with plastic product design, tool design, tool building and the ultimate production of finished goods. SPI plants are located in close proximity to each other however in different cities. SPI Blow Molding is located 3930 Bessemer Rd., Coloma, Michigan, 49038.  Please contact us with any questions you have, we here to help!

SPI Injection Molding
is a Custom Injection Molder also capable of molding a large array of materials.  Our press sizes range from 50 to 500 ton clamping force. SPI has a long history in the molding arena, starting from a mold building shop in the late 1950’s to state of the art techniques of today. 

We mold for a diverse customer base ranging from a large Monsanto to a small local company such as Chemplast.  Clear polycarbonate injection molding is in high demand currently.  Molding clear and colored polycarbonate has become part of the normal routine.  Vacuum metalized reflectors for emergency vehicles to adhesive freight securement systems are molded on a regular basis.  SPI has a long history molding electronic burn-in sockets for the electronics industry. We can assist your project from tool design through final production. SPI Injection Molding injection plant is located at 19850 W State Line Rd., South Bend, Indiana 46637.  Contact us today with questions on your plastic injection molding projects. 

Thank you for your interest,

James Doster President, Injection Molding

John Doster President, Blow Molding