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Proactive Solutions

SPI Industries is uniquely positioned to support a very special type customer. We understand there are hundreds of custom injection and blow molders in the United States, yet SPI has a value proposition that stands out among the rest. Our Injection and Blow Molding Proactive Solutions offering begins with assisting your ideas being transformed into a feasible design. Our team is available and active throughout the process. We work with you to implement tooling projects, many with unique features, aimed at pleasing your end product user by satisfying their needs.

SPI has the capability to work closely with our customers to insure tooling reviews while transitioning from short term to long term production. Our entire staff is dedicated to moving your concepts to the production floor. Finally, we complete our Proactive Solutions Offering with the capability of handling your total fulfillment requirements. This includes production, assembly, final packaging, warehousing and third party drop shipping direct to your end item customer or distributor.

It is our ongoing commitment to make the family of SPI Industries’ companies a recognized supplier of quality plastic molded parts while providing our employees with a comfortable, safe environment in which to work. We must always be aware of the importance to make a fair profit, while not losing sight of our responsibility to our customers, employees and the community. We are a team… together we win.