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Fulfillment and Logistics

Strategic Partners

Have SPI manage your complete design/build/package/storage/ship value stream while you are out in the market place selling your ideas!


SPI Blow Molding Quality InspectionSPI Blow Molding ShippingSPI Industries Fulfillment and LogisticsSPI Industries has developed a dynamic model that enables our customers to concentrate on sales and marketing, while SPI worries about manufacturing, inventories, assembly and shipping. Each customer has a unique way of doing business, which results in a unique level of cross-company integration. We understand these differences, thereby providing each of our strategic partners a higher probability of success.

We offer extensive expertise in logistics and fulfillment, including re-labeling, re-packing, shipment tracking and notification, warehouse management, supply chain management, outbound logistics, and inventory management. We provide complete and accurate product assembly and pack-out.

The SPI Blow Molding Division is located off I-94 and Injection Molding is off 80/90 within 4 hours from the main cities of Detroit- Chicago-Indianapolis- Milwaukee-Cleveland. We are centrally located and are pleased to serve U.S. destinations in all material handling, fulfillment, and logistical needs involved in manufacturing and delivery.

SPI Industries Provides:

  • Warehouse Services- Warehousing manufactured product and inventory management
  • Packaging- Packaging services from gaylord storage to packaging for direct ship to consumers
  • Logistics- LTL Truckload shipping
  • Drop Shipping- Ship End user
  • Inventory Management- Establishing Par Levels, First-In-First Out, Contingency Planning, Regular Auditing, Accurate Forecasting
  • Shipment Tracking- Localizing shipping containers, warehousing, and package delivery to verify their provenance and to predict and aid delivery
  • Location- Centrally located and pleased to serve all U.S. destinations
  • Assembly- Conversion of manufactured parts to finished goods
  • Lead Time- Communication with customer to establish initiation and completion of production process