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SPI Industries Offers Vertically Integrated Manufacturing

Ready-to-use Quality Parts on Time,

at a Fair Price 

Benefits of Vertically Integrated ManufacturingSPI has adopted vertically integrated manufacturing solutions to ensure our customers receive high value and on-time delivery. By managing the entire supply chain of each plastic part, our customers enjoy cost savings, maximized efficiency and value along with consistency throughout their product line.

Vertically integrated manufacturing includes multiple phases of plastic parts development.

Managing each step of the development process allows SPI to deliver a full-service solution to customers. Integrating the entire process from concept to delivery helps maintain the integrity of each product and allows for delivery of ready-to-use quality parts on time, at a fair price.

Examples of SPI Industries vertical integration capabilities:

cnc machine for plastic part manufacturingProduct Design Support and Development
• CAD design support

• Dye / Mold engineering

Plastic Mold Making
• Mold Testing

Material Sourcing

Plastic Mold Production
• Blow molding
• Injection molding
• ThermoformingCMM - Coordinate measuring machine (photo is of CMM Mitutoyo BN715) to identify different types of measurements


Packaging / Pack Out

Labeling / Branding

Product Package and Insert Design Support




Sales and Marketing

SPI works with OEM’s of all sizes. From small start-up companies to large corporations, we consistently hear how challenging it is to get a product to market.

When your plastic part or plastic product has to be ready, you don’t have time to research multiple manufacturing blow molders, injection molders or thermoforming — let alone attempt to integrate all of their schedules. Vertical integration manufacturing from SPI Industries streamlines each phase while reducing costs, delays, and errors.

Examples of how Vertically integrated manufacturing practices benefit customers of SPI Industries:

A new customer came to SPI Industries with a new product that required blow molding, injection molding, and assembly. With SPI’s vertical integration the customer was able to achieve cost benefits with design support, tooling, manufacturing, and shipping. The cost and time benefit allowed the new customer to increase market share by offering a new product to the market with shorter lead time and a lower cost.

A current blow molding customer was having a delivery issue with their current thermoforming supplier. SPI Industries thru vertical integration was able to mold the components at one plant and CNC trim the components at another. This integration of manufacturing allowed SPI to help their customer meet current demands and avoid the loss of orders.

Benefits of Vertically Integrated Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management:

Cost Savings – cutting costs also lowers the price of each product
Sustainability – Less impact on the environment (reduced travel, packaging, etc.)
Increased communication – work with the same project lead instead of multiple managers in different locations
Maximized Value – Keeping Manufacturing in the United States and Great Lakes Region – Supporting local economy helps your community and also increases sustainability
More consistency – using the same molds, staff, and equipment assures each part is the same overtime
Increased flexibility and Customization – Each process affects the next. When a change is considered all project heads or engineers can be brought up to speed together and concerns can be addresses
Reliability – when one company is handling each step of your project they have a buy into the success of your product (they have a lot to lose too!)
Maximized Efficiency – Increased communication, consistent points of contact, No concerns of delayed shipping

Manufacturing demands increase daily and we are all tasked with finding ways to increase efficiency and maximize value. SPI Industries wants to remove the headache and unforeseen costs from your product development. Give us a call today. We will review your current supply chain and offer suggestions so you can have ready-to-use quality parts on time, at a fair price